Are you ready to take a leap into Space? Introducing ExoVerse where you can have your asset placed on the Moon’s Surface forever!

ExoVerse is launching its Genesis Collection of 5,555 Primordial beings, which will spawn on the Ethereum Blockchain in Q1 2022. The Primordials will play an essential role in the Ecosystem of the ExoVerse including but not limited to DAO Access, Future drops Whitelisting, rewards for holding and much more!



ExoVerse believes that becoming a Space-Bearing and Multi-Planetary Species is crucial in scaling up to a Self-Sustaining Civilization. Thus, one of our first goals is to put the entire Genesis Collection onto a Digital Time Capsule to send to the Moon, where it will remain forever!  ExoVerse will be the first NFT project to literally go to the moon!  In doing so we are also supporting commercial lunar exploration which provides opportunities to scientists, explorers and other pioneers who will help expand human activity in space.



Welcome to the ExoVerse, spawn your Primordial and hop into the ExoVerse.



DAO Community Fund will be announced and funded with $20,000 equivalent in ETH.



88 Primordial holders will receive Physical Merch from a selection of SpaceX & ISS Flown NASA Merch, Apollo 11 Flown CM Foil, Lunar Rock Meteorite, Mars Rock Meteorite all in Display Cases with COA.



The ExoVerse DAO will vote on acquiring it’s first asset chosen out of the following; Blue Chip NFT(s), Land in the MetaVerse (Decentraland, Sandbox, or similar) or a community submitted option.



Digital Time Capsule will be compiled which will consist of a hard drive featuring each ExoVerse NFT to be delivered onto the Moon Via Astrobotic Lunar Payload.






What is ExoVerse ?

ExoVerse is a collection of 5,555 Primordial Aliens visiting Planet Earth Via the Ethereum Blockchain.

What is the Mint Date ?

TBD, Join our Discord for the most up to minute information.

How much will it cost to mint a ExoVerse Primordial ?

0.08 ETH

What is a DAO ?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization which means it is a community-led entity with no central authority. It is autonomous and transparent. Smart contracts lay the foundational rules, execute the agreed upon decisions, and at any point, proposals, voting, and even the very code itself can be publicly audited.

Is there a Whitelist ?

Yes, Join our Discord for information on Whitelist

How many ExoVerse Primordials can I mint per wallet ?


Will there be rewards for holding Primordials ?

Yes. Owners of Primordials will receive daily rewards which will play a role in Phase 2 of our Roadmap.

Is ExoVerse really putting the entire Genesis Collection on the moon ?

Yes, holders will receive a Mission Certificate along with Quarterly Mission Updates leading up to launch and Mission Updates as the mission occurs, including launch, spacecraft deployment, lunar orbit insertion, and landing.

What is a Launch Day Kit ?

The ExoVerse Launch Day Kit will be provided to the community on the day of our Mission to the Moon! The Launch Day Kit includes the following: Map of the Moon, showing the landing site. High Resolution Images and video of the launch. Images of the ExoVerse Digital Time Capsule on the Moon.

How does going to the moon benefit me ?

You’re supporting a Commercial Lunar Exploration which opens the moon to scientists, explorers and other pioneers who will expand human activity in space!